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Excitech-USA product line will include point-to-point cnc’s, panel saws, and edgebanders to name a few. The new additions will complete the production cell process to help any shop automate their production work flow.
 (E6–P2P) — Point to Point Production Work Center
  HSD automatic tool changer spindle with an 8-position rotary carousel
  High powered AC servo motors and drives
  Full safety enclosure on gantry
  Complete turnkey systems available!
  Fam drill bank, Rail and pod which accommodates Schmaltz vacuum pods
  High powered PC Based CNC motion controller
  Extremely reliable CNC production work center for any size fabrication shop

  ME4 Material Handling Production Work Cell Specifications
The New Venture Series ME4 material handling production work cell features automated loading and unloading of the sheet materials.
  E5 CNC Router Specifications
E5-2040 Series machine includes an 8-position rotary carousel that moves with the machine while the gantry travels.
  E6 CNC Router Specifications
Excitech USA’s P2P is available in three sizes. Each machine is controlled with the new Open Series Osai Industrial controller which is leading state-of-the-art CNC control technology.
  The new EP Series panel saw is available in 2-sizes. It features a 15HP high powered cross saw and a 2HP scoring saw manufactured by Freud. The new panel saw has programmable cut speed from 200 to 3150 ipm.
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